Salt Cathedral

This underground temple built in the saline rock 2674 meters (8000’) above sea level replaced the one constructed by the architect José María González Concha which only lasted 40 years. The new 8500 square meter temple, engineered by Jorge Castelblanco with architectural plans by Roswell Garavito Pearl, was inaugurated in 1995 and presents essential symbols, shaped in images whose symbology transmits a deep sacred sense in three naves and one cupola. The construction of this temple required the extraction of 250000 tons of rock salt; 127 miners, 110 carvers and 80 workers were employed. The mine offers structural safety of 3.25 and is considered to have architectural, religious, cultural and tourism importance worldwide. The patron saint of this temple and the miners is Our Lady of the Rosary La Morenita de Guasá, by Daniel Rodríguez Moreno.